Waiting Room Woes (Part 1)

First of all sorry for the hiatus. I know it must have been desperate for all of you, sitting at your desks and just waiting for a new post to magically materialize. Although it doesn’t quite work like that, I’ll do my best to try.

So..today was a hospital day. Due to pain in my chest and trouble breathing I got to have fluid tapped (removed) from my lungs to try and give me some relief. (Spoiler Alert!!- I can breathe easier! Yay!)

It’s always a bitch getting up for the hospital. Granted it was around noontime, I was still in significant pain because…Oh yeah! I couldn’t breathe! We drove to Hopkins, stopped at the pediatric oncology clinic and headed to get an x-ray. Now let me tell you about waiting rooms. They are very, very hit or miss. Chances are I’m tired by the time i get to these rooms and simply wanna lie down. But of course, most of the rooms just have uncomfortable chairs. No, of course they don’t consider the poor 19 year old kids want to sleep at 1030 on a weekday.

A small waiting room (without even two cushion couches!)

Ah then we have our next step up: this waiting room has both chairs AND couches, but the couches are small. These are the infamous two pillow couches of the Johns Hopkins Hospital. Long enough to reposition your body, but short enough to get into comfy nap position.

Once in a while you’ll stumble upon a miracle, and find an empty three pillow couch. Today this little miracle happened in the inner waiting room for the X-Ray. Given my luck I got to lie there for all of eight minutes before I was called in.

A little fancy, but you get the idea

Now I know what most of you are thinking- Just go inside the clinic and ask for a bed to lie down in; after all you ARE a cancer patient and nobody says no to you. Valid point. But there aren’t always available beds, and oftentimes for whatever reason, it doesnt happen.

I hope this has given all of you a fairly adequate description of the couch situation in the hospital. If you prefer a normal chair and are fine remaining comfortable in even the most stressful of situations, you are golden in a hospital. However if you are like me and need that extra comfort, whether to alleviate pain or to catch up on that sleep, keep an eye out for the two pillow couches, or the all coveted three cushion couches, THE luxury item of today’s modern hospital.

Hope that gives you an insight into how my day was, if only from one little perspective.

Next time on Waiting Room Woes (Part 2): The people you wanna kill in the waiting rooms, and the most ridiculous overheard conversations of my career.



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15 responses to “Waiting Room Woes (Part 1)

  1. Amanda Schuster


  2. Darabigail

    you make me laughhhh

  3. Gabe

    kinda reminds me of airport waiting areas…

  4. Gabe

    kinda reminds me of airport waiting areas…

  5. Nina

    Gilad, you write beautifully, it is in your DNA. Dying to hear more from you. Bad pun. I seriously am longing for YOUR voice in this misadventure, please please keep writing. Did you journal during these three past years–if so, perhaps you can transcribe some of that here. Keep writing. You are amazing. Love you forvever, Nina

  6. Toby Klein

    I am sitting in the the waiting room of the dentist and mattar helped me get on to the blog from his iPod. I see that U get ur good writing skills from ur mother otherwise it would all be numbers. (written by mattar, my mom can’t type on an ipod)
    we miss u and love u,
    and we love ur blog (keep writing!)
    Klein family

  7. Nina


  8. Alan Abramowitz

    Gilad — Aryeh, Yonah Janet and I, plus Noah of course have been davening and following your journey. We cannot understand your strengths. I remember when you were first diagnosed, Aryeh came home with questions, and when they were all answered he said “if someone in the class had to deal with these issues, its good that it is Gilad — he can do it. He can always make everyone smile.”


  9. mark menashe k

    how eloquent and you write
    we’re waiting for more posts
    loving you from Israel
    Frumette and Mark

  10. Yoshabel

    And even more annoying…boring reading material. If you’re going to make me wait I want a good trashy thing to read. The kind that I won’t buy. I want a People, a Glamour, a Cosmopolitan.
    Once I went to an endodontist who inflicted much pain. He was a pilot and his waiting room was full of flying magazines, as if we cared. Then there are the ones who think they will educate us…National Geographics, diabetes today, Field and Stream, FEH!
    then there are the rooms with tv’s….tunes to some idiocy that the dr. is forcing us to view, or some inane soap opera and the blue haired lady will scream at you if you dare to change or suggest to change the channel.
    And when I finally get into the article in the fascinating Oprah magazine, they call my name. Now I will never know how to become fabulous.
    Hey…bring a book, or better an Ipad!
    thinking of you always…my little flower girl
    Yocheved (Sr.)


    gilad you have your mom’s humor and honesty and that is a good thing. I think of you often.

  12. Judah

    gilad you’re amazing, i love hearing from you

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  14. Thanks for posting “Waiting Room Woes (Part 1) | Only The Good Die Young”.
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    for a lot more browsing and commenting here soon. Thanks a lot, Delia

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