Music for Me!

Today is going to involve a little activity on your part, because let’s be honest, who doesn‘t love interactive blogging?

So I’m browsing through Urban Outfitters the other day, and surprisingly their piles of weird books is often a better collection of merchandise than their clothing. So I stumbled upon “Music Listography” bascially a book suggesting titles for music playlists, prompting you to fill them in. For example: What are your 20 favorite songs? (boring) Favorite Songs from the 90s, Performers you’d like to bring back to life, Songs you thought were about you, etc.

So I’m gonna ask you a sort of selfish question: I want people who post in the comments songs about me or songs that remind you about me. Then hopefully I’ll make a list with your contributions!

Rule 1- If I don’t like the band it won’t go on the list (no linkin park, nickleback,etc.)

Rule 2- Have a good time…I guess if that applies to this

Happy Hunting!

P.S. If  this may seem like a selfish attempt on my part to just have everything focused on me…..well suck it. I thought that’s what this blog was about.



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32 responses to “Music for Me!

  1. Noah Abramowitz

    Heart of A champion, By Nelly. It’s what you’ve got in you, Gilad.

  2. Gabe

    Eminem- Not Afraid


    Girls Just Wanna Have Fun- Cyndi Lauper

  3. Mo Anker

    red mosquito by pearl jam cuz that time i ran into u and u were wearing a red mosquito shirt and its badass

  4. Sam Sless

    Fergalicious by fergie… DUH

  5. Tova Dratch

    sweet caroline by neil diamond

  6. Dara

    Son’s Gonna Rise, Citizen Cope

  7. Dara

    U.R.A.Q.T, M.I.A


  8. Yael N

    The General by Dispatch
    brings back memories of singing that song by the camp fire.

  9. AJN

    Tzidkasicha – Alex Porcelain, Shaya Katz, Adam Neuman

    Rachem – Yaakov Shwekey

    Tiferes – Yossi and Yerachmiel


    the dave matthews band reminds me of you because i remember shortly around the time i met you when you had been sick, you went to see them in concert and i thought it was so cool. i knew then that it was obvious that you beat to your own drum beat in a good, spirited unique way.

  11. Judah

    billy joel’s piano man. about a guy who loves music and who inspires everyone around him.

    oh, and “…as the businessman slowly gets stoned…”

  12. Tova

    -alive by pearl jam because of that awesome time we jammed (aka air guitared) on the back of the machal bus
    -colt 45 by afroman because we thugz and rap together (and know all the words)
    -pretty much anything by dispatch or state radio cuz you love them and met them
    -aaaand the battle of evermore by led zeppelin cuz you used to always be playing it when we’d talk on the phone 🙂

  13. Eli Langbaum

    2 songs:

    Enter Sandman- the only Metallica song I like thanks to you because of the mix I made you in 6th grade… probably the greatest mix of all time.

    Adam’s Song- Because of how many times we used to listen to it, and think it was the greatest song ever. Damn we had bad taste.

  14. Tova

    wow. embarassing!
    how could i forget METALLICA?!
    because of your hat, and your obsession.
    and guns and roses because i always think of that super old tshirt you have that is super vintage and super rad.

  15. Zuck

    the room – the living end.
    when we went to see paranormal activity (and you proceeded to shit your pants and lose your ipod) we listened to this song on the way and if i recall correctly you loved this song and the guitar solo.

    johnny guitar – pearl jam

  16. Nathan

    Billy Joel- We didn’t start the fire, because thats the song that Megan played in discussion and covers the entire cold war


    Pick a song from the Blood Sugar Sex Magik album by the Red Hot Chili Peppers because thats the CD thats always playing in your car and you say its your favorite album by them.

  17. Aviva G

    1. asher bara sasson vsimcha… GILA reena ditza v’chedva….
    2. party like a ROCKSTAR
    enjoy your trip!

  18. Ayala

    ok so my first one is “Give up the Grudge” by Gob, because you introduced it to me at the Willner Tournament one year. GREAT song!

    and my second one is ACDC’s “Highway to Hell”, because we listened to it in the car on the way to Alice in Wonderland haha

    Both songs remind me of you! 🙂

  19. Atara

    boyz in the hood- dynamite hack

  20. Atara

    cold sweat – james brown
    cuz you funky!

  21. Atara

    blue sky – allman brothers
    reminds me of you every time I listen to it!

  22. Noah Abramowitz

    party and bullshit- Notorious B.I.G.

  23. Sarit

    Clint Eastwood by Gorillaz

    Just a great song

  24. Rachel Stern

    cult 45 because you unfortunatly introduced me to that beauty on the way to yunmun…thanks for that gilad

  25. benjamin!

    Soundtrack 2 my life- Kid Cudi
    dude really speaks to me.. hes very inspiring, and shit, so r you.
    Everlasting Light- The Black Keys
    you are eternally here. and its just an awesome song

  26. benjamin!

    not sure how much u like this kinda music… its sorta indie but rlly everything.
    Nothing Ever Happened- Deerhunter

    Firecracker- Steel Train

    (saw steel train at bamboozle!)

  27. Noah Abramowitz

    One Day- Matsiyahu
    Just reminds me that one day, we’ll all be able to rock together, sing together, dance together, and there’ll be no more war, no disease, no more hurt, no more hate. More than anyone, you deserve that day Gilad. G-d, let it not be far away.

  28. Jeremy Sykes

    Id have to say Colt 45…theres nothin like listening to that song on the way to a JV basketball game!

  29. Alex Baskin

    “Sinister Kid” by The Black Keys
    You should check them out, btw. I think you’d really like them.

    Also, “Effigy” by Andrew Bird


    “Damn it Feels Good to be a Gangsta” by the Ghetto Boys

  30. Umbilical Moonrise by Lotus

  31. Dara

    your winter by sister hazel. last year when i came over you were jamming it on the guitar and every time i hear it i think of you.

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