Take me Out to the Ballgame

Just how close is close?

Pitcher John Garland of the San Diego Padre’s flaming fastball just seconds ago got fouled into the backstop net, knocking over my brothers jelly beans that were resting gently on the other side. Yup, you’ve guessed it friends: Make a Wish came through again and hooked the Schwartz gang up with the best baseball seats I’ve ever had, on our current trip to San Diego.

We have four seat directly, and I mean directly behind home plate. First row! You can’t get any closer! As I jot this down in my notebook, I glance at the Toronto batters fifteen feet in front of me rallying shots into the outfield. Now watching a team lose is not a new experience; being an O’s fan, it is a tragedy I live through every day. But watching from this proximity sure is. It’s totally different ball game.

After an awesome pre-game tailgate, featuring a one use grill (yup never heard of that either), cans of Budweiser and wonderful meal thanks to my Aba Ariel and Shua, we finally headed into Petco Park. We dropped Yo, Ima Shua and Avital off at their amazing (but relatively horrible) seats in section 100 and headed through the private clubhouses, free food buffets and discount merchandise to our magnificent seats, virtual paragons of pure baseball watchability.

And here we sit at the bottom of the 2nd……

(Picture to come)



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7 responses to “Take me Out to the Ballgame

  1. ray ellen fisher

    I am soooo glad gilad and the Schwartz crew are having a blast. Gilad I am glad to hear an update,have thought a lot about you and your cali adventures. Thanks for the vivid update.


  2. Gabe Marans

    We were going to go to a game there on our baseball road trip last summer, but we ultimately didnt…do I regret it? After watching you guys throughout the game…definitely. AND you got an earthquake? niiiiice.

  3. tzvi haber

    Sounds like fun gilad! keep ’em coming…

  4. Sara Kampler

    Fun!!! Thinking of you guys!

  5. joe

    yo, while you’re in cali… fill in the blank. love you and miss you. call me when you’re back! (or when you’re bored)

  6. benjamin!


  7. Zuck

    it must be nice to watch a team other then your own lose.
    ill be in touch soon to figure out you prospective trip down here. by the by, joe ez and maybe ehud are also comin down

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