Fourth of July Ramblings

Wow, another Fourth of July.

People keep asking me ‘what I’m up to’ for the day. I don’t ever really remember doing anything special except going to bbq’s, which I guess is what I’m doing today. But I think in our community, nobody throws huge Fourth of July bashes…or maybe I’m wrong.

Over the past few days I’ve been dealing with my depression as best I can. Things that help: useless expensive electronic toys, concerts, amusement parks. Basically anything unnecessary that will likely give me instant gratification. Sounds selfish, but really, trying to keep my priorities focused on things that are beneficial in the long run seems  a bit foolish in my position. If not foolish, than perhaps useless.

These are my constant ramblings that go through my mind, so I felt like sharing them. They are not at all important or even interesting, but you guys get a first class glance into the boring mind of Gilad. Feel free to comment with fun Fourth of July stories!

Happy anniversary America!



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4 responses to “Fourth of July Ramblings

  1. Dara

    Hey G. Here’s an anology for you–Harry:Voldemort to Camp Moshava:4th of July. They wouldn’t even announce it on the Ramkol this morning after I asked! You’d think that this camp would publicly declare its appreciation for its ability to practice freedom of religion and speech. Guess not…here’s to yet another year of non-celebration! Although my bunk, clad in red, white and blue, did sing (shout!) Star Spangled Banner at our eidah mifkad today. That was fun 🙂

  2. Eli Langbaum

    How was my bbq, wish I could have been there

  3. Alex

    I believe your “about” section on the blog boasts the intent to “host philosophical debates”.

  4. karen katz

    Ben stopped by yesterday to drop off a quiche
    think you were asleep.
    he’s at loose ends, in between his trips….
    you guys could hang out a little
    in the meantime-
    I’m still always available for philosophical chit chats, random thoughts, waving of fists at Hashem, whatever…

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