New Iphone!

Allright guys, I recently purchased a new iphone, and need suggestions as to which apps to download and how to use it. Any tips would be helpful.
Any suggestions for good movies to download are welcome as well.

In terms of me, I had a very bad day last week, still recovering and hoping to bounce back. Planning a few trips in the near future to have some fun over the summer so keep in touch for now to see when any one of us can see each other. That’s all for now. But I’ve been reading alot more, so I feel some important ideas and questions a’brewin. So y’all better hold on..
That’s it for now, I’m out



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2 responses to “New Iphone!

  1. Zuck

    its all about shazaam, greatest app of all time.
    i also have the new iphone, if u have questions hit my ass up

  2. ilana

    1 get the skype app so we can skype all the time from israel to u!!
    2 get the hmmmm parsha one so we can learn alsooooooooooo

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