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Hey in an effort to alleviate some of the stress and sadness of the last post, here is a picture of my beautiful baby niece avital, who is currently chilling with us here in Baltimore.

Enjoy the pic!



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Dear Friends,

Hey there

To start off, I’d like to say this is more than just an update blog. Hopefully it can be something a little bigger.

Well heres the deal: The cancer is growing, and the many treatment options we hoped would work have failed to stop the growth of disease. At this point, with no other curative options in sight, I’m going to take different chemotherapy drugs designed to slow the growth of tumors, but not kill them. Then it’s a matter of time….

Obviously we’d all like something to happen and out of nowhere fix everything, but there may not be as much time as we’d all like. And to be honest I don’t wanna be the kid dying of cancer, but somehow that’s how i ended up. So Fuck.

Yeah I know that sucks, but my reaction wasn’t really so angry. You just feel heavy as it sinks in, and you cant move and you have a distant stare and you dont process anything for a while. It’s not until a day or so later that you start to get scared and desperate. And i don’t want to be scared or desperate.

I just wanted people to know because chances are you’ve all affected me in some way and I hope I can do the same.

If people wanna keep in touch and keep updated on both my situation and my life, keep visiting right here!



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Lets test this blog to see if the weirdness stops.


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